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Tips for Landlords in Local Pubs

Tips and Hints to Grow Sales in Community Pubs


-         Give customers what they want.

-         Think local and act local

-         Work together staff & customers as a team

-         Always look for new ideas and better ways of working


Giving Customers What They Want


-         A local pub with real roots in the community

-         A sense of belonging for both the staff and customer

-         Be warm welcoming and dependable

-         Always something to do for a laugh

-         Be safe, clean, comfortable and down to earth.

-         Be consistent and be perceived for a ‘fair deal’


The Anatomy of the Ideal Locals Experience


-         Atmosphere identifies the experience

-         The Licensee governs the experience

-         People interact to create the experience

-         Friendly staff facilitate the experience

-         Talk deepens the experience

-         Drink lubricates the experience

-         Activities extend the experience

-         Teams re-enforce the experience

-         Entertainment elevates the experience

-         Food sustains the experience

-         The environment permits and protects the experience

-         Value for money justifies the experience


Change the ‘Way You Work’


-         More Listening – your customers, your teams, and the market place

-         More Support – from your company, your suppliers, and by training your team.

-         More Business Development – Team and Customer chat groups -Implementing your new ideas.

-         More focussed – to your local customers

-         Share pride with the team

-         Create ‘fun’ in your team when they work


Read and read this again, acting on the points above WILL grow your sales.

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