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Chalkboards & Blackboards

Chalkboards (Chalk Boards) & Blackboards are one of the most easiest way to advertise. We manufacture our Chalkboards and Blackboards either with Eaziwipe or timber painted in the traditional way.  Our Eaziwipe Chalkboards are guaranteed for 5 years against staining and can be cut to any size and any shape.  All of our Chalkboards & Blackboards are UK manufactured and can be made with and without frames and is perfect for outdoor use.  If you do not see what you want on this page call us, 01353 665141, we will be happy to help!

What's the difference between a Chalkboard and a Blackboard?  Not a thing!  Traditionally a board that has been painted with a matt black paint, to give a surface that you can draw or write on with chalk was known in the UK as a blackboard, however as time has progressed and we have been influenced by other countries (mainly our cousins over the pond) they are now referred to as either! Chalkboards are oftern referred to as Chalk Boards too!

Chalkboards & Blackboards.

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